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About ordering method

Thank you very much for using our parts catalog.
Our products are sold through dealers. Please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for details.
In addition, when ordering to a dealer, product confirmation is smooth if you could tell the 12 digit part number.
If you do not know the dealer near you, please inquire at the nearest "Sales office" or "Inquiry form". Thank you very much.
縫紉機零部件目錄  包縫縫紉機・安全縫縫紉機  偏平縫繃縫機・雙線環縫縫紉機  自動組合機 
裝置零部件目錄  包縫縫紉機・安全縫縫紉機  偏平縫繃縫機・雙線環縫縫紉機  其他 
規格零部件結構圖  包縫縫紉機・安全縫縫紉機  偏平縫繃縫機・雙線環縫縫紉機 






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